When is the last time you checked your spark plug?

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    One of the main parts in any type of gasoline powered outdoor power equipment that is often overlooked is the spark plug. We all usually check the oil and maybe the air filter but how often do you check your spark plug?

    Spark plugs should be checked at least once a year. Primarily before the prime season starts for whatever power equipment that you have. Spark plugs can also reveal a wealth of information regarding how your engine is running. A properly tuned engine will have a spark plug that has a slight tan tint to it. If the engine is running rich the spark plug will have a dark brown to black carbon deposits on it.

    The sign that you want to stay away from the most is a lean condition. If the engine is running lean the spark plug porcelain area will have no tan tint to it at all and if it is really lean there will be almost like a whitish blistering deposits on the electrode and porcelain area meaning detonation is occurring. If detonation is occurring the engine will not last long.

    Besides looking for the above mentioned signs, checking the spark plug gives you a chance check and reset the gap if need be and brush off any deposits. If the electrode is showing signs of wear you should replace the spark plug per the manufacturers recommendations for your particular piece of equipment.

    There are a lot of topics that have been brought up in this post that will be written about in future articles, the main goal of this article is to remind everyone the importance a spark plug has in your equipment and to not forget to check it once in a while. Spark plugs need love too =)
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    Just checked the plug in the Wheel Horse 314 today! It was gapped a little over, so I fixed that and brushed off the deposits. It looks as though I'm running a little rich. I'll have to play with that another day.


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    I would like to do a real nice write up on tuning with your spark plug sometime in the near future. I think it would be a nice reference, especially with lot of pictures.
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    Hey,my spark plug is just fine thank you very much.......Oh you mean my machines,yeah their ok too.:D LOL