What brand weed trimmer do you have?

Discussion in 'Weed Trimmer Forum' started by NUTNDUN, Oct 6, 2010.


    NUTNDUN Administrator

    Right now we have a Troy-Bilt and it is a 4 stroke which I like because of it having the oil and gas separate and you just change the oil once a year. The only thing I don't like about it though is it seems to lack power over what the 2 strokes can do.

    I think sometime next year we are going to see about getting a Stihl weed trimmer.
  2. mjodrey

    mjodrey Moderator

    I have two,one is a Lawnboy which is electric,the other is an Echo which is gas powered.
  3. Bolens 1000

    Bolens 1000 Member

    The Echo's are nice.
    I have a JD weed wacker though
  4. mjodrey

    mjodrey Moderator

    The JD's are also pretty good.
  5. caseguy

    caseguy Member

    I have an IDC trimmer. It's about 25 years old and I dug it out of my FIL's garbage pile 12 years ago. I replaced the guard and the head and have run it ever since. IDC stands for Inertia Dynamics Corp. who was eventually bought out by Ryobi. Ryobi used the shaft and head design and threw out the engine design in favor of their own. It's a 2 cycle and, although it was designed for a single line head, I put a double feed head on it and it doesn't even struggle to turn it. I love this machine. The most work I've had to do to it is replacing the fuel line every few years. I picked up some Tygon fuel line this year though and hopefully it'll last longer. I also have a Ryobi trimmer (as a back-up when I have to replace a fuel line) that my brother gave me. It is currently down with a bad recoil start spring broken. I ordered the part and it's sitting in the box with the engine. Another one of those things that i'll get to...when I need it probably.
  6. MH81

    MH81 Member

    I haven't even used my trimmer this year, I bought a walk-around sprayer and some round-up. It's been a very good investment. I figure by the end of the year it will pay for itself in not having to pay my son to weed-whack.:)

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    Weed trimming definitely isn't the funnest thing to do. It does help though having a nice trimmer which we are kind of lacking. I can't stand replacing the string.
  8. mjodrey

    mjodrey Moderator

    Yeah,replacing that string is a pain.
  9. caseguy

    caseguy Member

    I'll second that!
  10. daytime dave

    daytime dave Member

    I have a Weedeater 24 volt rechargeable. Love it. It is perfect for suburban applications. For real work, we have a few Craftsman and Ryobi 2 cycles that take attachments. We have most of the attachements at dad's place.
  11. olcowhand

    olcowhand New Member

    I have one like George, a Troybilt 4-stroke. The worst thing about it is the starting system. The recoil winds up a spring. The spring does the actual turning of the engine instead of direct rope-to-crankshaft. Harder to start, even though it's called "easy start" system, or something like that. A real pain to get a good spin on the engine.
  12. bhts

    bhts Member

    I have a stihl and it is pretty good.But as everyone else hate changing the string.

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    Since the place I work for is a Stihl dealer and I can purchase something and have weekly deductions until it is paid for I think I am going to be getting a Stihl this spring. I can't remember the model but they have one that you can do the different attachments for it.

    Our two string trimmers we have now have attachments but I want the chain saw pruner attachment and I know the Stihl one is of pretty good quality.
  14. mjodrey

    mjodrey Moderator

    Hey George,( get ready,here it comes ). Do you Stihl work there ? :D:D
    Sorry about that,couldn't help it.:rolleyes::p

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    There is always a comedian in the crowd LOL
  16. mjodrey

    mjodrey Moderator

    Where ,did I miss him,did somebody new come in?:DLOL
  17. DH1

    DH1 New Member

    I have an Echo 2stroke straight shaft, bought it from work, 3yr ago.

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