We are going to be buying a log splitter.

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    Going tomorrow to get a log splitter. I borrowed the one we have at work the last two times. Our boss borrowed it again and the last time he borrowed it, it was at his place for over two years. Needless to say we still have about 10 cords of wood that need split. So we decided that we would be better off just getting our own and then we can split a little each day as we have time instead of trying to kill ourselves getting it all done in a weekend or two.

    Just gotta decided which one to get before tomorrow morning. We are going to probably try and stay at 28 ton and Lowes has one which is a Troy-Bilt and has good reviews for $1,299.00 and Tractor Supply has a Huskee for $1,599.00. I like the Huskee because it is a little simpler and the kick off legs for stuck logs are solid pieces that are welded to the i beam.

    The Troy-Bilt has a bolted on finger which doesn't look too sturdy but wouldn't be hard to make a solid kicker. It is also $300 cheaper. Both of them have Honda engines on them which is great by me. I know the Huskee has a horizontal Honda engine and the Troy-Bilt is a vertical shaft engine.

    Both of them have good reviews so I guess we need to just decide. I would love to build one for the 3pt on the back of the Massey 1655 which I might do at some point in time.

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    We picked up the log splitter yesterday. We went to Lowes and looked at the Troy-Bilt and then we drove over to Tractor Supply and looked at the Huskee. Then we drove back over to Lowes again and looked at the Troy-Bilt and then decided we were going to get the Huskee at Tractor Supply.

    We ran home first and I had to grab out Giant grocery store club card so I could pick some things up on the way home. Then we drove down to Tractor Supply and got the 28 ton Huskee Splitter. It was way too hot out the last couple of days but once we got it home we had to at least try it so we did on 3 logs and it did a great job, especially considering the three pieces that we fed it were really knotted and twisted elm.

    Will be able to give a little better review once we use it some more. I would like to put a throttle control on it though so it doesn't start at full throttle to give the oil a chance to get splashed around before going all out. We will more then likely switch over to synthetic in it after a couple days use once it is broken in.
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    Sounds like you got a great splitter George

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    As long as it lasts us a while I will be happy. Even if the engine blows I was checking at TSC and a replacement is only like $250. I wish they were all that cheap.

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    I used the log splitter for about 10 minutes tonight. I wanted to split a good bit but I need to weed whack the tall grass before I go any deeper in to the wood pile. I also need to move the log splitter a little closer to the woodpile. Have plans to get a good bit more splitting done tomorrow but at least I did get one big 30"+ round done LOL.
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    Glad to hear its working well

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