V8 powered chainsaw

Discussion in 'Chain Saw Forum' started by mjodrey, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. mjodrey

    mjodrey Moderator

    How would you like to use one of these. ?
  2. Bolens 1000

    Bolens 1000 Member

  3. mjodrey

    mjodrey Moderator

    I wonder just who came up with that idea ?
  4. caseguy

    caseguy Member

    I thought that a chain saw was supposed to save you work! :D My back hurts just watching them pick it up! :eek: That is quite the piece of equipment. Some hot rodder somewhere is missing his engine though!

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    I seen a couple videos of the v8 powered chain saws for the races when I was looking for reviews on different chain saws. I think they are nutz, I couldn't even imagine how forceful the kickback would be on something like that if it happened.

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    I do have to give them props though as they have bigger nuggets then I do LOL
  7. caseguy

    caseguy Member

    AMEN to that Brother!
  8. MH81

    MH81 Member

    I thought "Slinging Weights" onto the tractors at the pulls was a little nutty as part of a hobby. Now I don't feel so bad, these guys must see a chiropractor every day. Notice they just let it fall when it broke thru? I wonder how many times they tried to catch it before they decided that was a bad idea?
  9. jdslednut

    jdslednut New Member

    I love that video. I show it to my kids in small engines class and they always get a kick out of it.

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