Started working on the wood pile today.

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    Today my buddy that I have been cutting firewood with came over with his wife and their little baby and we started working on splitting and stacking the wood pile. We are guesstimating approx. 20 cords of wood. It may be less or it may be more but we won't know till it is all split and stacked.

    It was a beautiful day out today and we cooked burger and dogs on the grill for lunch. My mom and dad both helped. Mom helped with loading the trailer and stacking and dad ran the splitter since he is still in his boot from breaking his ankle. My wife and three kids helped with loading the trailer and stacking as well. It seems like we barely made a dent after working on it all day. Dad and I are going to be working on the pile some more tomorrow since I have the splitter but I am plum wore out.

    My wife happened to snap a couple of pics while we were taking a little break. It was great being able to use all the power equipment today. Had the Cub Cadet 147, the Huskee, the splitter and got to use my Stihl MS362 to cut a few pieces down to size. I am also showing support for another site with my tshirt and yes I need to shave LOL.

    DSC_0018.JPG DSC_0019.JPG DSC_0021.JPG DSC_0027.JPG

    DSC_0028.JPG DSC_0030.JPG DSC_0031.JPG
  2. caseguy

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    That's a great looking bunch of pictures. Your dad looks really young, as in not much older than me young. looks like you got a lot of wood split...and have a lot more to go. We'll forgive you for advertising that "other" site on here too LOL.
  3. Bolens 1000

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    Thanks for the pics!
    Tell your Dad that he should have been using one of his Bolens for transportation LOL

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    Problem with using the Bolens for transportation is that he can't use the clutches right yet.
  5. Bolens 1000

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    Yeah I forgot about that.. Looked back at the pics and noticed it was his "clutch" foot thats hurt.
  6. mjodrey

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    Thanks for the pictures George.

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