Pics of the wood pile.

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    NUTNDUN Administrator

    I figured I would post some pics of our wood pile. I have been cutting firewood with a guy I met on another forum. We have been finding free firewood on craigslist adds. I don't have any pics since the most recent haul but we are getting a good bit of wood.

    We are probably going to be close to 20 cords of wood after we haul the last couple of loads if not more.

    DSC_0345.jpg DSC_0346.jpg DSC_0349.jpg
  2. Bolens 1000

    Bolens 1000 Member

    Is that Ash wood?

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    It is a whole mixed bag. There is oak, sweet gum, maple, and a little ash. After all who doesn't like a little ash every once in a while. :D
  4. mjodrey

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    I am not familiar with sweet gum.

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    I know it isn't easy to split. The grain is very twisted.
  6. caseguy

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    This may sound like a stupid question, but what does the sweet gum smell like? A friend of mine has a pile of wood that he got for free and the grain was gnarly and twisted...but it smelled like a wet, very used, horse blanket!

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    I don't know if it smells that bad LOL. I don't know how to describe the smell of it. It does have more of a pugnant smell to it. The other thing I noticed is when it is fresh cut it is a whiter wood and the center has like a black walnut colored ring to it.
  8. mjodrey

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