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Discussion in 'Rototiller Forum' started by earthgrinder, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. earthgrinder

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    Here is a photo of my newest addition to the Rototiller collection. It is a Model 2 Rototiller made in Troy, NY in February 1957. It is equipped with a model 8B Briggs & Stratton engine. It needs some cleaning, a set of tines, and a tire. This appears to be the first year for the new paint scheme. Before, these little Rototillers were all red. This one has yellow handle bars and wheels. This may be one I will repaint and keep intact. 100_4936 (Small).JPG

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    Looks good, I like the two color paint scheme better. I find that they used spoke wheels intriguing because you don't see them used to often.
  3. earthgrinder

    earthgrinder dirt digger

    The early Troy-Bilt tillers also used the 7" spoke wheels.
    I am already at work cleaning and rebuilding the carburetor, replacing the terribly dirty gas tank, and rebuilding the tilling gearbox.
  4. Bolens 1000

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    Nice Find

    Sounds like your off to a good start in getting her back up and running.
  5. Bolens 1000

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    Are parts hard to find for these older Tillers?
  6. earthgrinder

    earthgrinder dirt digger

    Tires are difficult to find. Not a popular size. The tiller shaft gear is another hard one. Best to get a couple of these for parts. There is a fellow in Maine making tines for these little tillers.
  7. Bolens 1000

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    I kind of figured stuff would be hard to locate. Its nice to see people are making some reproduction parts for these.

    Tillers sure have come a long way
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