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Discussion in 'Snow Blower Forum' started by caseguy, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. caseguy

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    My brother just dropped off my Uncles' older Garden Mark (Monkey Wards, made by Gilson) 5 HP, 2 stage, 22" snow thrower. It's a model # GIL 489B, serial No. 96X12576. He says it's not getting gas. We'll see when I get a chance. (read: when the temperature gets at least a little closer to freezing!)
  2. caseguy

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    Well, I got a chance to tear into it today. It's a 1968 Briggs & Stratton (Model # 130202 0196 01) I took the carburetor and the fuel tank off. The carb was full of shellac, and the fuel tank was half full of nasty smelling, dark yellow gas! I cleaned everything up (the old fashioned way) and will pick up a rebuild kit tomorrow along with some gaskets, a needle valve, and seat.
  3. mjodrey

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    Hey,that's great.
  4. MH81

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    Hoping that's all it is... buy some seafoam too
  5. caseguy

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    Well...I picked up all the necessary parts today and put the carb back together! The carb is working great, but then I had no spark???? Took everything back off, (because you have to get at anything). First I checked the resistance of the coil. I got 2520 ohms. I went into the house and tried to find a reference for what the resistance should be, but to no avail! I went back out, pulled the flywheel, cleaned and re-gapped the points, put the flywheel back on, checked the air gap for the pickup coil (it was good BTW). Still no spark! Came in the house, downloaded the "Briggs & Stratton engine troubleshooting manual" off of GTT, read through the "no spark" chart, and went back out and checked the continuity between the coil and the block. It was sketchy, so I pulled the wire off and sanded the side of the coil where it mounts. I also shined up the ring terminal and the washer on the bolt, reinstalled it, and tried it again. The first 2 or 3 pulls nothing...then all of a sudden it started sparking again???? Oh well, I don't tend to look a gift horse in the mouth. I put everything back together, got it started, adjusted the carburetor, and started blowing some snow...or tried to anyhow. As soon as I got into the snow she bogged down and stalled. Started her back up and put her back in the shed. Tomorrow's another day! I noticed some "noises" coming from the housing where the belts are and possibly even from the gearbox. That's another issue too. I think my next step will be a compression test and looking into the noises.

    Thanks for hoping for me :)! It's the thought that counts, but you should know better than to think it'd just be the one problem with my luck LOL!
    BTW I already did buy some. I've run a half tank through the 314 already. One can mixes with 15 gallons of fuel, which is what I generally stock. I bought a new can yesterday too!

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    Sounds like you made some good progress on it though. Gotta start some where and you wouldn't have been able to correct the other problems without having it running. Like you said, tomorrow is another day.
  7. caseguy

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    ...and so is tomorrow LOL! I didn't get a chance to play today. It's Sunday and that's usually the family day.
  8. mjodrey

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    Ah you'll get to 'er.

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