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Discussion in 'Log Splitter Forum' started by MH81, Jan 22, 2011.

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    Last winter my Dad & I had to fix the spark plug hole in his Tecumseh engine with a helicoil. The reason for this was he kept having to unscrew it to squirt a little gas in it to start it when cold. [​IMG](The air cleaner is completely covered & a pain to remove, so starting fluid is out)

    After we fixed the spark plug hole, we decided to investigate why the choke didn't seem to be enough. The choke plate was full of factory holes. After a little investigation, we found out this is normal because the EPA standards forced them to allow add'l airflow.[​IMG]

    The resolution we came up with was to solder all but the hole that was in the older Tec choke's shut. After putting it all back together, darned if it didn't start & run like it should.[​IMG] Hopefully the only time he'll ever have to pull the plug is when he changes it next time.
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    Yeah,I never understood all those holes in the choke plate myself.It just seems to me to be defeating the purpose of the choke in the first place.

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    The wonderful epa. I understand engines should be running cleaner as years progress but to basically eliminate the choke plate by punching a bunch of holes in it is a little ridiculous. Glad you got it working like it should :D
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    Yeah I agree.

    At least make it so the engine runs!

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