It's been a long time.

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    NUTNDUN Administrator

    I love jet skis but it has been a long time since I have been on one. Before I married my first wife we had broken up for about a year and in the meantime I went out and bought a brand new Sea-Doo XP. I loved that thing. Used to put it under water and jump as many wakes as I could.

    It hurts like hell though when you fall off going 50+mph. Takes a while to dig your shorts out or trying to find your shorts on that one too depending how ya land. :D
  2. mjodrey

    mjodrey Moderator

    My neighbor has a Yamaha Wave Runner,and he has been trying to get me on it all Summer,but I am too chicken.

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    Some of them flat out haul butt. I can only imagine what the newer ones will do now a days.
  4. MH81

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    Buddy of mine used to live on "French Creek" near here, just before it joins the Allegheny River. They'd ride for hours, had to watch for debris in the water, floating logs, etc. He wouldn't ride it there in dry summers, the rocks would get to close to the surface.
  5. mjodrey

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    Well, I helped the the neighbor take his Wave Runner out of the river over the weekend.Then we wrapped it up and put it in storage for the Winter.

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