Ingersoll rand type 30 model 57t 80 gallon air compressor.

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    I gotta update this thread with all of the progress so far. I just need to get some pipe mounts to get the pipes secure to the wall. I wan an auction for a Wilkerson combination filter, regulator, lube assembly. I emailed the seller to see if he has more of them because his description said they had more if they seem to sell.
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    Good job.

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    Now that I am home I wanted to update this thread. We have everything setup now except for some odds and ends with the piping. I won an ebay auction for a Wilkerson combo filter / regulator / lubricator for $76 and it normally sells at Grainger for $326. I contacted the seller to see if he had anymore and he told me he had four more besides the one I won. I asked him if he would sell me two more and he sent me and invoice :D

    I don't think I really have anymore updated pictures but I do have a video of the compressor running. We had to bypass the overload relay because it is drawing too many amps. I have the next size pulley coming for the motor so it will drop the amps down and hopefully allow us to hook the overload relay back up. For the time being we took the 60 amp breaker out and put a 40 amp in it's place so the motor does have some sort of overload protection.

    Anyway here is the video of it running:
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    Thats awesome George!
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