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  1. mjodrey

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    [​IMG]Dual blade mulching system, blade drive speed stepped down. The AS dual-blade system cuts and chops at the same time. On both the AS 800 and AS 911
    • Cutting Width: 91cm
    • Engine: B&S 627cc 4-stroke twin cylinder OHV
    • Power: 21.0hp (15.5kW)
    • Drive: Hydrostat infinitely variable forward 0-8.2 km/h, infinitely variable reverse 0-4.0 km/h
    • Housing: Steel 3mm
    • Cutting Height Adjustment: Central, 30-90mm 4 steps
    • Tank Volume: 15lt
    • Weight: 307kg
    • Transport Size W/L/H: 110/190/105cm
    • Operating Size W/L/H: 110/187/105cm
    • Grass Ejection: Mulch mower, Rear ejection slot, Lawn mower
    • Miscellaneous: Oil and fuel pump, Oil pressure switch, Electric starter with charging facility, Pendulum blade hood suspended, Battery 12 V/40 Ah, Differential lock, Electromagnetic blade clutch, Cross blade, Rear-wheel brake

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    Does their site happen to say what particular market they are for? Looks like you could take that thing off road. Other then that I don't see much more of a benefit over a traditional rider.
  3. mjodrey

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    No it really didn't say too much about that.
  4. Bolens 1000

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    I agree
  5. caseguy

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    I'm not sure I'd want that fuel tank right under my nose. There's a ram cage on the front, but...It's right on top of everything and wide open! Other than that it looks pretty cushy! Maybe it's for trail blazing.

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    Almost looks like it could have starred in the movie Mad Max.
  7. mjodrey

    mjodrey Moderator

    Or Total Recall.

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