Going to have the stihl ms362 and log splitter fired up this weekend.

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    With the show season starting for the garden tractors this coming weekend is about the only free weekend we are going to have for a while. So I need to take the opportunity to get all the wood that is still sitting in the pile split. I am guessing we still have 5 cords of wood to split yet. Going to make for a long weekend.

    Will be using the Stihl MS362 to buck up some of the bigger pieces we still have. I also plan on cutting down 4 Persimmons trees that we have on the property to help cut down on the stink bugs.
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    Sounds like some good, hard work ahead. Hope it comes out well George.
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    DITTO !

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    I got to use the Stihl 362 again yesterday to trim the runners the same length for the chicken coop. I put two 6" x 6" runners under the coop so it would make it easier to slide it in to position. I built the coop in the garage and then it's final resting spot was about 300' away. The Massey 1655 did a good job with moving it. I just gotta get the hydraulic valve for the main lift fixed and put some weight in the rear and she will be good to go.
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    That is great tat you got that accomplished , George.
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