Found some buried "treasure" today

Discussion in 'Rototiller Forum' started by daytime dave, Apr 19, 2011.

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    I decided that I was going to expand my suburban back yard garden this year. Last year, I put in three raised beds and had great results. This year, I decided to till up more of the lawn that gets sun. I got my micro tiller out last week, and that was not up to the task. I borrowed dad's Bolens MTD tiller, as the handles folded and I could get in the SUV without incident. Dad told me to keep it here, because it is so violent when it hits a stone or such and it's too much for him.
    I took it out and found some buried "treasure". Roots. One was huge.


    The gang and hand tools that did the work.


    With the "treasure". Wow was the one huge. It creaked my new extended sleeve shovel pretty good.


    The finished result. It's now not bad to go through with the Bolens tiller.

    Since it was pretty slow going on the forum lately, I figured I'd post some outdoor pictures. At least we didn't get the snow forecast last night. I might plant some lettuce and radishes later this week in another spot.
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    Looks good Dave.

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    It's a shame the treasure wasn't layered in gold or an old civil war piece. :D

    You did a good job on the garden Dave. They are calling for a chance of a wintery mix here tomorrow. This weather has been really messed up.
  4. mjodrey

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    "Messed up" aren't the words I'd use.:D:D:D:D:D

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