Fixed in-laws golf cart.

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    My in-laws bought an older golf cart about a month ago and they said they couldn't drive it up the hill where they live. So we met up with them about two weeks ago and I brought it home to look at it.

    The ratio on the sprockets were 1:1 with a little 5hp Honda clone engine on it. The reason they couldn't get up any hills is because the engine couldn't rev fast enough to engage the clutch. The clutch's engagement rpm is 1,800 rpm. The golf cart had been rigged before with the motor swap. I guess it originally had a Yamaha engine in it.

    The original sprockets were 12 tooth in the front and 12 tooth in the rear. I first got a 42 tooth for the rear since they were worried more about climbing the hills then having top speed. I ordered the sprocket and chain from Surplus Center and once I got it I installed it. The golf cart would climb any hill with that setup but was a snails pace which I figured it would be.

    After talking with the in-laws I ordered a little smaller sprocket, this time going with a 32 tooth. Just got that one in the mail on Friday. Got it installed last night and it is about the smallest sprocket that motor is going to pull up a hill. The top speed is still pretty slow but much better then it was. They live in the mountains and the roads where they are planning on driving it are really steep. We have a hill here at the house that is about as steep as what one of their roads are.

    It made it up the hill with flying colors but you could hear the engine drop a couple of rpm and if I would go with a smaller sprocket I am afraid that it wouldn't do too well and really start to drop rpm if it is a long pull.

    We just got back from meeting up with them, I am sure we will hear how it does sometime tonight. I don't like working on stuff for some family members though because just like with this golf cart, we spent about $30 in gas, I had about 4 hours in it and the parts were $61. They did at least pay for the parts.
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    Glad to hear you got it fixed
    Must be a pretty old golf cart as the ones I have seen are all belt driven

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    I don't know what it originally had. This thing has been rigged a good bit by someone who should have left it alone LOL.

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