Ever give electrolysis a thought?

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    How many times have you worked on stripping paint or rust from metal? Whether it is a chain saw or a garden tractor that you may be working on, or maybe even your wife’s old decorative iron railing electrolysis might make your life a whole lot easier. Maybe physically anyway as we can’t help with your wife’s honey do list.

    Gone are the days of laboring intensively hand sanding paint and rust off. Gone are the days of going through bags of sand and getting sand in your eyes and down your shorts sandblasting, unless you are one of the lucky few that have a huge blasting cabinet and a large air compressor. Give Electrolysis a try, you might like it.

    I’m not going to reinvent the wheel by telling you all about electrolysis but rather point you in the direction for a great write up for a home made setup to do electrolysis at home. The article was posted on our sister site Garden Tractor Talk and can be found at Electrolysis Rust Removal.
  2. mjodrey

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    One of these days I am going to give electrolysis rust removal a try.
  3. Bolens 1000

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    I did a small test run of electrolysis in a 5 gallon bucket. It worked Great!!!
    Cant wait to get going on some serious rust removal in the spring!

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    I have a 250 or 500 gallon tank sitting up by the garage waiting to be converted to an electrolysis tank. I don't think I will be able to fit a whole garden tractor frame in there but should be able to get at least 3/4 of it in there at one shot. I think I will definitely be able to fit any size body parts in it as long as it isn't a super garden tractor size.
  5. mjodrey

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    I have two plastic 45 gallon drums that would be perfect for smaller stuff.
  6. caseguy

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    What are you up to George LOL? I guess that's one way to dispose of body parts LOL!
  7. mjodrey

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    Gotta do something with the people that come flying 50+ mph down our 35mph street :D
  9. mjodrey

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    Well'that would be one way.LOL

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