Ethanol free gas a thing of the past?

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    With it being almost impossible to find ethanol free gas now a days and legislation being passed to force all gas suppliers to provide gas that has some level of ethanol. The days of being able to find gas stations that still sell ethanol free gas are going to be coming to an end. Ethanol is a very good alternative fuel but it can also wreck havoc on older fuel systems. It also has a shorter storage life and tends to gum up carburetors.

    What does this mean for anyone who owns at least on single piece of outdoor power equipment? It means more cleaning and taking better care of your outdoor power equipment. Gasoline additives don’t work as well with ethanol gas either. Always use fresh gas and when the piece of equipment is going to go unused for longer then a month it is best to drain the gas out of the tank and run the carburetor dry. Ethanol enhanced gasoline has been know to start gumming in as little as one month worth of storage.

    Take care of that outdoor power equipment and it will take care of you and always be there when you need it.
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    Thanks for the good tips George. I think it's ridiculous that we're burning what we could be eating, but it is what it is and knowledge is power, so thanks for helping us get the most out of what we have!
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    Well said George.

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    You know it is a shame you can't buy ethanol free gas and just sit on it for years. At least enough for all of the equipment. :D
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    Yes,but it just wouldn't keep.

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