Don't forget to winterize your equipment.

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    Now that winter is here there are a lot of pieces of power equipment that are not going to be in use for a while. Now is the time to winterize them and get them ready for storage.

    Now you may not want to winterize your garden tractor if you are planning on using it throughout the winter to plow or blow snow. Same goes with your chain saw if winter time is your prime firewood cutting season.

    You don’t need to set aside a whole lot of time to winterize your equipment and it could be done in an hour or two depending on how much equipment you have that would need to be winterized. The most important part is to drain the gas. Especially with our newer ethanol based gasoline. Just draining the gas tank isn’t enough though, after you drain the tank try firing the piece of equipment up to run the gas out of the carburetor.

    You should change your oil if the power equipment is a 4 cycle. Two stroke engines do not require changing the oil as the oil is mixed with the gas and the difference between two strokes and 4 strokes are a whole other article.

    You normally want to change the oil in your four cycle equipment at least once a year, depending on how much or how hard you use the piece of equipment means you might want to have short intervals for oil changes.

    I prefer to change the oil in the fall so the dirty, carbon deposited oil isn’t sitting in the crankcase all winter long. Might just be me being picky but I would much rather have a piece of equipment stored with clean oil then dirty oil.
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    Great tips George.