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Discussion in 'Log Splitter Forum' started by captbob, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. captbob

    captbob New Member

    Been thinking about building my own log splitter since I am retired and living on social security. My best idea for power would be to use a floor jack. Has anyone ever heard of someone successfully doing this?

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    While I think the floor jack could possibly work and something that splits easily, one it would be extremely slow going and most jacks are rated for 6 ton and under. Most log splitters are rated for 20+ ton. What about getting a chinese clone engine and a hydro pump? You could get a hydraulic cylinder from a place like surplus supply?
  3. captbob

    captbob New Member

    Thanks I knew nothing about the ratings for a floor jack but what you say makes sense. Do you have a pix of the hydro pump/ hydraulic cylinder?

    NUTNDUN Administrator

    Here is a cylinder for example, something that is double acting that would have force in both directions would be nice for when the splitting head gets stuck in the wood you can draw it back and have the round hit stops and drop off the splitter head.

    Here is the cylinder:

    Here is a 2 stage pump:

    You would still need a valve and safety pressure relief unless the pump has one built in already. Have you tried looking on craigslist and trying to find a splitter used? I know you don't want to spend too much money to get one going but in the long run you might save more money getting a known brand in running condition. Or possibly find one with e bad engine or pump and fix it?
  5. captbob

    captbob New Member

    Thanks. I will take your advice to look up used log splitters for sale on craigslist. One that needs a new engine is an excellent suggestion and I hope I can find one that will not break my budget. I appreciate your advice very much.

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