Chain saws, choosing the right one for you.

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    One of the most asked questions that you will often hear when someone is looking to buy a chain saw is:

    “Should I buy a homeowner or professional model chain saw?” or “What chain saw should I buy”​

    I am hoping this article will help you with buying the right saw. It may not be the end all guide but hopefully it helps in making a well informed decision when it comes time to buy.

    There are a lot of variables that can come in to play when choosing the right chain saw for you specific needs. Some of them might be:
    • What is your budget <- this is the biggest factor
    • Local dealer support
    • Size of trees you plan on cutting or logs that you plan on bucking.
    • How often you plan on using the saw
    • Do you have other chain saws already
    Let’s cover some of these variables in no specific order.

    The biggest factor for buying a chain saw will be your budget. Having a budget of $250.00 as apposed to a budget of $700.00 leaves a big difference is chain saw choices.

    The next biggest factor is going to be what your local dealer support is like. Pick up the telephone book or use sites like the yellow pages and find local outdoor power equipment dealers in your area. If there is only one local dealer in your area and they only sell Husqvarna and Poulan chainsaws then you have just narrowed down your choices but not saying that is the brand or brands that you need to be looking at. If you are mechanically inclined and don’t mind working on your own power equipment don’t be afraid to shop online either.

    If you are one of the lucky ones and have 5 different dealers within a 10 mile radius then the decisions get a little tougher. Go to each dealer and feel them out. Get to know them and their service techs. If they come off the wrong way or seem like they don’t want to help then more then likely that is the way it will be when it comes time to have service work done on your chain saw. Once you have gone to all of your local dealers and gotten a good feel on all of them go with the one that you are most comfortable with. Dealer support is a great peace of mind.

    What is your intended purpose for the chain saw? Are you planning on only bucking logs for firewood or falling trees to clear out a lot? Size of the logs or trees that you plan on cutting can be a big factor as well. If you already have a chain saw with an 16″ bar, then you will more then likely want to step up to something with a 24″ or larger bar. If you are only planning on being a one saw owner a 18″ 50 cc is a good compromise of power and price. A 60cc saw with a 20″ bar like a Stihl MS360 or the new Stihl MS362 is a good all in one saw. The Stihl 290 Farm Boss is the biggest seller for the Stihl lineup because it does provide good power at a good price. All of the manufacturers make good saws and there will always be the this brand is better then that brand wars.

    There are a lot of different manufacturers for chain saws, some of them but not limited to are Husqvarna (often called Husky), Stihl, Jonsered, Dolmar which is now owned by Makita, Echo and others. There is a quick simple answer though: Buy the biggest, baddest saw that you can afford and feel comfortable handling all day long whether it be in the woods or bucking logs. Unless of course your are going for the 3+ saw plan, that is a whole other ballgame.
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